An adjuvant is a preparation without plant protection effects, but which, when mixed with a treatment, improves the functional properties of the spray and thus the overall efficacy of the treatment.

Adjuvants remove the limiting factors for successful treatment by acting on the three main parameters :


Coming from different sources, water can degrade the plant health product preparation. Adjuvants can correct this by providing the following effects :

Acidifying :

protects active substances from alkaline hydrolysis by reducing the pH.

Sequestering :

ability to block calcium and magnesium and prevent complexation with the active substances.

Compatibilizing :

makes it easier to use the mix and prevents flocculation or clumping in the tank.


This is the transition step between the nozzle and the target. There can be a high risk of waste or pollution from drift or evaporation of the active substances. In addition to good spraying practices, adjuvants provide the following effects :

Drift-control :

ability to regulate droplet calibration in order to limit drift or spray volatility.

Moistening :

ability to capture humidity from the air and extend the life span of the droplets during spraying. The moistening period optimizes active substance penetration into the plants.

The target

Targets can be very different (soil, weeds or crops) and the aim of the treatment can vary (herbicide, fungicide, insecticide or regulator). Whether to protect or destroy, the main thing will be to place the droplet efficiently on the target and boost the active substance in order to optimize treatment profitability. Adjuvants therefore allow for having high-performance droplets by ensuring the following effects :

Spreading :

ability to reduce surface tension and ensure the droplets spread over their targets.

Retaining :

ability to limit rebound and fix the droplets on their targets.

Penetrating :

ability to have an active substance penetrate inside its target.

Diffusing :

ability to drive an active substance into the plant.

Anti-leaching :

adhesive ability to safeguard the active substances from leaching contact if it rains.

SDP has multiple evaluation tools to scientifically measure
the performance of its adjuvants :

Greenhouse and
spraying unit

Calculated measurements on plants


Calculated measurements of simple functions

Quad bike
in the field

Performance measurements under real conditions

SDP has every adjuvant function available in its catalogue, and possesses all marketing authorizations for herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and growth regulators.

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