Foliar nutrition

Complementary products for global soil fertility management. Foliar nutrition products are used to prevent deficiencies, ensure growth and safeguard yields for all crops.

Global soil fertility management within a crop system can be restricted by numerous limiting factors that will have a negative impact on yield.

Abiotic stress and pedoclimatic factors do not allow for guaranteeing nutrient supplies throughout the crop cycle.

The targeted application of foliar nutrition products allows for :

SDP offers a wide range of solutions that extend from anti-deficiency to biostimulation :

Simple anti-deficiency

Liquid formulations with a high concentration of single elements for the preventative or curative treatment of deficiencies in all crops.

Anti-carentiel + bio‑boosting co‑formulants

Specific anti-deficiency formulations with co‑formulants that aim to optimize distribution of elements within the plant.

Nutritional biostimulants

Products containing biostimulants and fertilizing elements intended to start regrowth in crops affected by abiotic stress.

From the creation to the manufacture of its products, SDP follows strict specifications in order to guarantee performance and quality for the end user :


Formulation, balance measurements, stability tests and formula validation


Process definition, team training, balance measurements and batch stability tests


Sampling on all production runs; samples kept for 3 years

SDP is committed to quality formulations that combine nutrients and bioavailability co-formulants from plants.