Soil fertilization

Aims at soil resilience by offering a range of products combining fertilizing, fertility and biostimulant units.

The management of soils or substrata depends on the type of crop and its requirements. Within the framework of modern agriculture and the search for profitability, biological balances can be disrupted and fertility reduced. There are organic and biological solutions available to re-establish the biological activity of soils and encourage production systems.

SDP offers different solution formats, with :

Starter microgranules

An effective solution to position fertilizing units as close to the seed as possible and thus ensure better emergence and good crop strength from the outset.

Soil biostimulants

Combining microorganisms or humic/fulvic acids in the soil is an ideal solution to ensure good fertility and thus a better ability to assimilate the fertilizing units contained in the soil.

Seed treatments

The direct provision of biostimulants to the seed allows for developing the rhizosphere and quickly increasing the crop’s root system for better development in the soil and thus a better food supply for the crop.

SDP implements observation mechanisms thanks to its microbiology lab, its greenhouse and its field trials to measure the performance of its products on soil fertility and the results on crops. SDP formulates solutions containing humic acids, fulvic acids and microorganisms intended to revitalize soils and substrata.

Microbiology laboratory

Optimizing the biological activity of soils


Strengthening plant root systems

Field trials

Optimizing crop growth

SDP formulates solutions intended to give the soil a bio-boost with a view to safeguarding yields.